It’s about that time again. We’re moving on from our 2-1 slate last weekend and locking back in to make you even more money.

The season is starting to wind down and teams are vying for postseason position. There’s a very small chance that any team from today’s rundown has a shot at a playoff berth, but don’t tell the Utah Utes. Actually, if Georgia loses to LSU in the SEC championship and Utah beats Oregon, who knows.

They’ll still probably just throw Alabama in.

Not only do the Utes need to win out, but they need to do it convincingly. That’s a troubling development for anyone banking on Arizona to cover. You’ve also got Appalachian State fighting for a notable bowl game and Cincinnati in contention for a New Year’s Six bid.

Common denominator is the fact that the stakes are still high for all of these teams. It’s much easier to get a beat from a betting perspective when there’s something left to play for.

So, which way am I leaning in these games?

I’m glad you asked.

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