No. 1: 2007 Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Stats: 68.9%, 4,806 pass yds, 50 pass TD, 8 INT, 88.5 QBR, 2 rush TD

Speaking of the G.O.A.T., Tom Brady has not just won Super Bowls, he has won three MVP awards. His best season of all was hands down the 2007 season, where he, Randy Moss and the New England Patriots went absolutely bonkers on the rest of the league. Not only did they break records along the way, but they finished the season undefeated. They rolled through the playoffs, as well. That is, until the wild card New York Giants decided to play spoiler and ruin Tom Brady’s all-time season by taking them down in the Super Bowl for New England’s only loss of the season. Regardless, it might be the best individual season by any player to fail to win the Super Bowl.

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