The first CFP Playoff rankings of the season came out this week, thus leading us to that point where we all ask how in the actual hell we’ve already traversed 10 weeks of college football. Somehow, we’re here, and we’ll probably see another shake-up in next week’s rankings when the dust settles on the LSU Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide game.

Before you ask, yes, I’ve got an angle in that one, but it’s not my Play of the Day. The Sun Devils snagged that slot when I only had to give up 1.5 points to get them as a home favorite.

I’ve also got a play on Wisconsin and Iowa for all of you Big 10 folks, so if you’re not fan of either preceding angle, keep it parked. We’ve got something for everyone today.

So, can the Tigers continue to rock college football? Can the Devils bounce back, and can the Wisconsin and Iowa defenses remain a strength for their respective teams? Those are a lot of questions, but questions that I’ll be able to answer for you in just a second.

…and that second is here. Let’s dive in.

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