Mike Trout Projected Career Stats After 20 Seasons (2011 – 2030):

166.2 Career WAR

Projected 2nd All-Time

At a projected career Baseball-Reference WAR of 166.2, Mike Trout would find himself trailing only Babe Ruth’s lifetime mark of 182.4 for the highest in baseball history. This would make Trout one of only 32 players to ever have a career WAR north of 100.0.

The only modern-day position players who can come close to Trout are Barry Bonds (162.8), Alex Rodriguez (117.8) and Rickey Henderson (111.2)… and he blows the latter two out of the water. This number is beyond remarkable and shows that Trout can legitimately challenge for being considered the greatest of all-time.

675 Home Runs

Projected 5th All-Time

Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and Alex Rodriguez. As it stands, those are the only players projected to sit above Mike Trout on the all-time home run list when his massive 12-year extension runs out after the 2030 season. At 285 for his career, Trout’s 268 home runs is the 8th most in MLB history for a player before turning 28, and he’s only further tapped into that power in recent years and looks like a legit 50-homer threat.

I’ve got to read that projection again. I mean my god. Trout has a truly legitimate chance at 700 home runs. Let that sink in. The insanity of the projected career stats of Mike Trout just blow my mind.

2,906 Hits

Projected 41st All-Time

We’ll be optimistic and say Miguel Cabrera gets there, which means that Mike Trout would be tantalizingly close to becoming the 34th member of the 3,000 Hit Club based off of these projections. Even if Trout doesn’t reach that prestigious mark of 3,000 hits, his mark of 2,906 would still rank above Hall of Fame legends like Babe Ruth (2,873), Ken Griffey Jr. (2,781) and Lou Gehrig (2,721).

2,072 Runs

Projected 7th All-Time

Based on our projections, Trout would become only the 9th player in MLB history to eclipse 2,000 career runs scored. Rickey Henderson holds the all-time record for runs scored in a career with 2,295, but Trout would likely need to play a Rickey-like 25 seasons in the bigs to get there.

Remember that our projections would mean Trout has played 20 seasons, 19 as a full-time big leaguer. There’s a heck of a chance that he can crack the top 5 (2,175 runs moves him into 4th all-time) and he can legitimately get to 2,300 if he keeps scoring the way he has (he’s already led the AL in runs scored four separate times).

333 Stolen Bases

Projected 127th All-Time

Trout is projected to become only the 9th ever player to join the 300/300 club. Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonds, Willie Mays, Andre Dawson, Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran, Steve Finley and Reggie Sanders are the only players in big league history to reach 300 home runs and 300 stolen bases for a career, and Trout is more than on his way to joining this ultra-exclusive and historic club.

1,736 RBI

Projected 24th All-Time

On pace to become one of only 28 players in MLB history to reach the 1,700 career RBI plateau… all while having spent the majority of his career hitting out of one of the top two spots in the order. The all-time projection may not be as sexy, but finishing in the top 25 in RBIs out of a non-run producing spot in the order? This might be the most impressive non-WAR stat he’s trending toward.

555 Doubles

Projected 32nd All-Time

555 career doubles would put Trout with Jeff Kent and Hall of Famer Eddie Murray (560) for 30th most in the history of Major League Baseball. That total would also be more two-baggers than Chipper Jones, A-Rod, Manny Ramirez, Tony Gwynn or Derek Jeter had in their respective careers.

He’s not quite there in the projections, but Trout is at least in contention to join Barry Bonds and Hank Aaron as just the third player in MLB history with at least 600 homers and 600 doubles. There’s elite production and then there’s “you’re in the same breath as Barry and Hank” production… not too shabby for the extra-base hit machine.

94 Triples

Projected T-191st All-Time

Only 162 players in Major League history have ever hit triple-digits in career triples, and Mike Trout is just about there. Projected to rip 94 career three-baggers, Trout only falls a half-dozen shy of becoming the 163rd player in MLB history to reach 100 career triples.

Big Fish in a Small Pond

Let’s not forget that Trout may very well still be playing after the 2020 season in which these numbers can shoot up even further. 700 home runs is in the discussion. 2,000 runs feels like a formality. Potentially having the highest career WAR in MLB history is not out of the question either. Hell, even Barry Bonds is probably nervous that his record of 7 MVPs might be topped.

But while all of this is fun to project, let’s not forget to sit back and enjoy the greatness we have in front of us. Mike Trout is a once in a century type talent, and we need to make sure we’re properly appreciating what we’re seeing from a living legend who’s only still in his 20s.

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