You know what Week 12 means… the three-quarters mark of the NFL season is upon us. Who knew the Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson would be the talk of the league at this juncture? Full disclosure, I’ve actually never heard anyone say three-quarters mark to refer to Week 12, I even had to divide 16 by four to determine whether or not that math actually checked out.

Low and behold, it did, and we’ve actually made it through roughly 75% of the NFL season.

Some weeks have been better than others, I think that should go without saying, but we’re coming off a 2-1 Week 11 and have another batch of heaters primed and ready to make you stacks.

The Ravens are my Play of the Day, but not in the way you might expect. I’ve also got a total bet on the Green Bay Packers and, to my own surprise, a play backing the Miami Dolphins.

Let’s take a look, my friends.

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