It’s been a while, folks. I won’t lie, it’s pretty nice to be back breaking down some college football. Whether I remain upbeat, however, rests in the hands of the Wisconsin Badgers. If they let me down Saturday, then college football picks run the risk of being swiftly cancelled.

That’s right, the stakes are high.

The burden doesn’t solely fall on Jonathan Franklin and that stout Badger defense, though. I’m riding with Penn State and the underdog Temple Owls on Saturday, too. So, if I officially cancel college football come Week 10, it’ll be courtesy of letdowns on the part of James Franklin and Rod Carey.

I really don’t want things to get that bad, but if it has to be done, I won’t hesitate. This year has made very little sense and if things don’t start following a more bettor-friendly script, I’ll have no choice.

As has been the case every week, I’ve jumped one some of my favorite matchups and done all I can to find you a little value. If the game continues to deviate from just about every market trend, we can be furious together.

Okay, full disclosure, my college football protest will probably be short-lived should I be driven to that point. The sentiment remains though.

Let’s take a look at our redemption slate.

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