#3 – Chris Webber

Not too many legitimate rappers can get Kurupt to feature on a track and not be completely overpowered and overmatched lyrically. This is the same Kurupt who ran with Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Warren G, and every West Coast G-Funk legend from the early 1990s. But in walks a 26-year-old Chris Webber in the middle of 1999, ready to make his first year in Sacramento even more memorable. Enter C. Webb’s debut album “2 Much Drama” and his marquee single “Gangsta! Gangsta! (How U Do It).”

With a catchy up-tempo beat that all too easily gets stuck in your head, “Gangsta! Gangsta!” peaked at No. 10 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Singles chart. I’ve gotta give credit where credit’s due here, not many rappers would have the audacity to get a rapper of Kurupt’s pedigree, let alone an NBA player with no real ambitions to pursue a career in rap and hip hop. It’s one of those tunes that has you nodding your head long after the song’s finished, forgetting the fact that the song wasn’t even made by a legit rapper.

Nothing but respect for C. Webb, as he more than held his own on the verse and in the music video with those business casual back-up dancers really letting it loose. Webber made more than $175 million in his 17-year NBA career, but his legendary team-up with Kurupt on “Gangsta! Gangsta!” is absolutely priceless.

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