It was only a week ago that the Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers did everything in their power to make Thursday Night Football watchable. Now, that incredibly heavy burden falls on the shoulders of the Los Angeles Rams and the Seattle Seahawks.

On paper, this has the makings of a pretty solid matchup. If the game was played on a Sunday, I’d have no doubt. But here we are, watching a diluted product on Thursday, because the NFL’s “player safety” schtick doesn’t extend to scheduling and it makes perfect sense to make these teams play another game four full days after their last one.

It’s not as making these players take the field after such a quick turnaround opens them up to heightened injury risk or anything, nor does allude to the fact that Thursday Night Football is clearly just a cash grab on the part of the NFL.

I guess it’s not entirely fair for me to sit here on my moral high horse. Yeah, these short-week games are annoying and hastily implemented, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to bet on them.

The product is terrible, because of the short week. Yes, we’ve covered that. It’s led to, sans last week’s game, ill prepared offenses and thus, generally low point totals. It’s also been a window for the underdog to steal a win, as dogs are now 3-0 straight-up and road dogs are 2-1 on Thursday Night Football this season.

Oh, quick note, I’m not going to count the season opener as a Thursday Night Game, because, technically, getting the entire offseason to prepare for a game doesn’t count as short rest. In my book, TNF = teams being rushed in their prep. Use that as a general rule of thumb.

I guess we can get into it now. Here are my favorite plays for this week’s display of just how much the NFL cares about its players.

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