What Just Happened?

This week was essentially washed from Jump Street.

I squandered the great head start from Adams almost immediately. The Packers defense blew against the Eagles and Zach Ertz continued his middling ways at Lambeau. Still, I figured a 23.5 point-lead headed into Sunday, with some juicy matchups on my lineup, would be enough to secure the bag.

It didn’t end up working out that way.

Danny Dimes looked solid out of the gate. He hit Gallman for a tuddy roughly seven minutes into the game and my hopes were sky-high against this awful Redskins pass defense.

That was the only touchdown he threw in the game.

Instead of more touchdowns, the new-favorite for Rookie of the Year tossed two picks and turned in a beautiful 12-point performance. Carson Wentz, meanwhile, was stashed in the Green Room – my fantasy bench – with 19 points next to his name. Just an all-around unacceptable performance from this Giants offense. I should sue for damages.

Jones was just the tip of the iceberg. Are you aware of how many running backs lost fumbles in Week 4? Well, in case you aren’t, the answer is six. Two of them, Johnson and Ingram, were in my starting lineup. From a pure sabermetrics standpoint, that equates to roughly 33% of Week 4’s fumbles impacting my team’s production.

You absolutely love. LOVE. To see that.

I already touched on the Odell mess, but beyond that, Marlon Mack fell victim to a game script, against the Oakland Raiders, eventually leaving the game with a knee injury that didn’t even keep him from returning, and Harrison Butker missed a field goal.

All in all, if I start Carson Wentz, Johnson and Ingram don’t fumble and Butker makes that field goal, well, I still lose by 11 points.

This week sucked and I hate fantasy football.

See ya next week.

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