The On-Paper Champ

None of these dreams lasted past Saturday.

It all started on Thursday with Davante Adams’ monster game. This dude contributed with the cause with 18 big ones – in standard scoring – without a touchdown. The Eagles secondary is next-level bad and Adams made them look even worse. He may have gotten hurt, but I’ve read that the injury isn’t too bad, so there’s a dream within the dream.

Once the touchdowns start to trickle in, I feel like Adams is finally going to look like the guy I thought I was getting when I took him in the first. That’s the biggest dream of them all.

His new running-mate, though, had me most excited. Note the utilization of a past participle there.

After I made my deal for Ingram, I hated the current state of my WR2 slot. I could’ve played McLaurin, but I figured with Wayne Gallman now on my roster, I had some trade chips to work with. After all, where was I going to play Gallman? This dude was stuck in an all-time log-jam behind Kerryon Johnson, Marlon Mack and Mark Ingram and he’s going to lose all value when Saquon Barkley returns. That logic led me to maximize Gallman and buy-low on a premier wide receiver that got out of the gate slow.

Enter Odell Beckham.

I thought I might be able to capitalize on his thoroughly disappointing first three weeks, and I wasn’t wrong. I pitched Marquise Brown and Gallman to another friend of mine, who accepted the deal on the spot. He was truly done dealing with duds from someone with Odell’s talent, so he passed that burden to me.

Beckham caught two passes for twenty yards, that’s it. Gallman, on the other hand, would’ve won me my week. It might’ve felt like poetic justice after I went out and stacked my team, especially now that I’m 1-3, but I had to swing for the fences. If you fault me for that, then so be it. Hopefully, the NFL’s interception leader since Week 1 of 2018 can actually get this dude some volume.

If not, I’ll be in trouble.

On a more positive note, though, this move made my receivers stupid stacked. Like, I’m not even sure dudes playing in six-team leagues are this loaded. Behind Adams and Beckham, I’ve got Tyreek Hill waiting in the wings and the always dangerous Terry McLaurin available as a bye week replacement or when he’s got a matchup I can’t ignore.

Oh, I’m rocking with Curtis Samuel as a WR5, too. Not sure how long that’ll last, though.

Beckham will figure it out, he’s too talented not to. When he does, this crop of pass catchers is going to be a dream week-in and week-out.

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