Wow, guys, do I have an emotional roller coaster for you this week. It’s a tale of dreams becoming nightmares, one of expectations so brutally unsatisfied it had me questioning everything I knew. The NFL was terrible this weekend. Just awful, in the worst possible way. Daniel Jones was a no show, running backs *cough* Kerryon Johnson and Mark Ingram *cough* couldn’t hold onto the ball and I was certain the Browns straight Kevin McCallister-ed Odell Beckham.

The dude had zero catches through three quarters. How, on God’s green earth, do you have ODELL BECKHAM JR. on your team, and you don’t get him the ball once, in the first three quarters of a game? Baker Mayfield is infuriating. I think I’m with Rex Ryan on this one.

Maybe you’re a little confused. How do I know have Mark Ingram and Odell Beckham on my roster? Well, I was busy working the phones this week. More on that later, though. It’s actually a pretty interesting story, one in which I had to combat some pretty wild dynasty league strategies, so stay tuned.

Right now, all I can say is Melvin Gordon altered the trajectory of my season. It remains to be seen whether it was for better or worse.

I’ve explained the trade on multiple occasions, but if you’re checking out Dreams and Nightmares for the first time, you can read all about the now-infamous Melvin Gordon deal here.

Anyway, when he announced he was retuning last week, I felt like I was immediately qualified for the Houston Texans GM opening. Trading Austin Ekeler for Gordon, straight-up? Sitting through four weeks of Ekeler dominance with a player on my bench that I couldn’t even use, with no guarantee of when he would even return? Yeah, it was a roll of the dice on my part, but it couldn’t have worked out any better.

The second Gordon ended his holdout, my phone started buzzing. Eager general managers from my league wanted to inquire about what it would cost to lure the RB1 away from my roster. I set the bar high out of the gate, and lucky, one of my buddies was realistic enough to work with me.

Well, not entirely realistic, but we’ll get there.

Josh reached out with an offer for Gordon. We went back and forth for a few days, but the framework of a deal started to take shape. I can’t discuss the intricacies of the deal or other players who were floated as potential trade chips, because that would violate our league’s extremely strict tampering policy. Can’t have anymore fines.

I can say the deal was held up by one snag. He had three quarterbacks on his roster, Kyler Murray and Josh Allen to back up Deshaun Watson, and didn’t feel comfortable dropping one of the aforementioned two given their young ages and already solid production. At first glance, even in a dynasty league where you already have Watson as a QB1, it seems asinine. However, seeing as this is my good friend, I’m going to explain his strategy here, as I am to understand it, based on what he told me in various text conversations regarding the topic, in an effort to do him a little justice.

Allen and Murray have the potential to continue progressing on their already young, solid careers and could even grow into top-seven players at the position in the future. If you were to drop either guy, then some dude in your league picks them up and is essentially gifted the next great fantasy QB, you’d feel pretty dumb. I get it, it was a cautious approach and one where he had his team’s best interest at heart. For that reason, as much as I fundamentally disagree with the strategy, I can’t fault him for it.

I will say this, though. Never let a third quarterback be the reason you don’t land Melvin Gordon.

He eventually came around and we pulled off the deal. It was ultimately Gordon, Devin Singletary and Tyrell Williams for Mark Ingram and Terry McLaurin. I did give up quite a bit, but I’m a big believer in McLaurin and I was extremely pissed I missed him on the waiver wire. He’s a guy with WR1 upside if the Redskins ever figure their shit out. Wishful thinking, I know, but once you consider the fact that he’s a rookie, I feel like I have a high-floor WR2 on my hands for years to come.

Oh, and Ingram has been an animal this season.

Okay, now that you’re just about up-to-speed, let’s talk about some dreams.  

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