Alright, American League, now you have to live up to the lofty expectations set by yesterday’s NL Wild Card tilt. I mean, from a casual baseball fan’s perspective, that is. From a pure betting angle, that game was trash. Yeah, I said it, trash. If the Oakland Athletics let me down today, I’m going to be mildly upset. I never get upset.

I zeroed in on the Brewers in the NL’s rendition. Max Scherzer’s spotty postseason track record tipped me off to a potential implosion in the high-stress environment, while Brandon Woodruff’s pedigree in the playoffs last year gave me all the confidence I needed to lock Milwaukee in for +160. Now, the under is exempt from any sort of grievance. I talked about it yesterday, but if you subtract the 19 total runs in the Diamondbacks slugfest of 2017, the other six NL Wild Card games have only featured an average total of five runs.

These two pitchers were getting 7.5 – mash that under every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Anyway, the Milwaukee lineup gave Woodruff all the breathing room he needed with those two jacks in the first two innings. It was 3-1 for a majority of the game while the Brewers’ bullpen looked to be cruising to the finish line, ready to pass the baton off to one of the NL’s best relievers in Josh Hader.

Oh, how little that would ultimately mean.

Not going to go into it. Hader loaded the bags, Juan Soto singled, Grisham botched the play and with two outs in the eighth, the Nationals were sitting on the lead. All I can say is thank God Soto got tagged out, because with the direction that game was trending in, Howie Kendrick was about to murder the under with a bloop single to drive Soto in.

I would’ve retired altogether if it went down like that.

Whatever, I guess it’s in the past now. Doesn’t mean it isn’t insanely annoying. You tell anyone that the Brewers were going to pass the game to Hader with a two-run lead, in the eighth, and you could get them at +160, people are throwing stacks on that play. What an overwhelmingly favorable spot that is.  

I can only sum it up as a wildly unfortunate blunder that not only cost the Brewers their season, but more importantly, bettors everywhere a nice payout.

Okay, I feel a lot better now. After that vent sesh, I can officially say we’re onto Oakland.

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