Happy almost weekend to you, sports bettors! Michael here coming at you with the newest edition of our Subscriber Special fresh off a 2-for-3 effort in our Week 4 of NFL betting. For those of you that may be new to our newsletter, well first of all… welcome!

In our weekly newsletter, we here at The Bread Winners find three of our favorite bets across the world of sports for you to cash in on. From futures bets to single-game props and parlays, we’re coming off a winning week so let’s recap how it all went down.

Paul had to sweat it out into the final 30 seconds but he absolutely NAILED his bet when he picked the Lions to score first AND lose, cashing in on those juicy +240 odds. Detroit held KC scoreless through the first quarter, with the Lions getting on the board first with Matt Prater banging home a 25-yarder six minutes in.

Colton was right on the money with his pick of Miles Sanders going for at least 44.5 yards on the ground in Thursday Night Football… thanks to one big 30-yard gallop, Sanders ended up north of 70 on the night. Cha ching on those -112 odds!

Your boy though? Well I was feeling good about Aaron Rodgers staying under 271.5 passing yards given that he’d gone for less than 271.5 yards in seven of his previous 8 games he’d played to completion. So, of course he explodes for 422 yards. Ugh. Can’t win ‘em all, but most importantly, 2-for-3 nets YOU a profit! If you tossed down $100 per bet on last week’s Subscriber Special bets, you’d have brought home $229.29!

But enough about the past, time to look ahead to the here and now. We head into Week 5 of the 2019 NFL season, and your boys at The Bread Winners have locked in three more bets you NEED to pounce on this week.

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