NFL Week 1 has come and gone, but we were treated to plenty of entertaining battles across the full slate of games this past weekend. Of course, there were also some complete duds like the opening Thursday night game between Chicago and Green Bay, as well as a few blowouts, such as Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens completely obliterating the Dolphins in Miami. Regardless, after just one week, we are already beginning to see what sportsbooks think about the potential of some of these teams. Join us, as we break down the biggest Super Bowl odds movers after week 1.

**All odds are according to FanDuel Sportsbook as of 9/10/19

Biggest Climber

Baltimore Ravens

Week 1: W 59-10 @ Dolphins

Super Bowl Odds Before Week 1: +3500

Super Bowl Odds After Week 1: +2400

From the moment the game kicked off on Sunday afternoon in South Beach, the Baltimore Ravens were all over the Dolphins. Of course, Miami experienced the largest roster turnover in the NFL, entering the 2019 season with two new quarterbacks, a new rookie head coach and almost no star players on the depth chart. On the other hand, the Ravens had a lot to look forward to. Their second-year quarterback was poised for a breakout season. Plus, the Ravens acquired some exciting weapons in RB Mark Ingram and rookie wideout Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown, and their defense was already loaded from a season ago. With all that being said, I don’t think anyone was expecting the offensive explosion that we witnessed on Sunday.

Jackson’s stat line was absolutely nuts in this game. He went 17-for-20 with 324 pass yards and five passing touchdowns. As he put it after the game, “not bad for a running back.” Oddly enough, the elusive runner only ran the ball three times for six yards in the game. He was too busy carving up the Miami defense. Ingram had a huge game for the Ravens, as well, racking up 107 yards and two touchdowns on the ground. And the afore-mentioned ‘Hollywood’ Brown had one hell of an NFL debut, catching four passes for 147 yards and two touchdowns.

Potential breakout tight end Mark Andrews chipped in with eight receptions for 108 yards and a touchdown himself. The 59-point outing was the largest offensive output in Baltimore Ravens franchise history. For an organization built on defense, this team could be scary in 2019.

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