What a wild first Sunday of football, ladies and gentlemen. The New Orleans Saints look to continue the festivities on Monday.

But first, yesterday was a day where fortunes changed on a dime. My Bills +2.5 play was dead in the water. The Jets were up 16-3 heading into the fourth and if the first three quarters were any indication, this offense wasn’t going to get it done.

Then, Josh Allen, a well-known taker-over of games, took over. His rushing touchdown pulled Buffalo within six late in the fourth, before his connection with newly-minted Bill John Brown – one of the most underrated additions of the offseason – had Adam Gase locked into another thousand-yard stare. Quite honestly, I would’ve paid for a glimpse into that dude’s mind after that game.

Still, Jets be damned, the Bills pulled it off and my lock of the week came storming back. At this point, too, the Eagles had erased that ugly 17-point deficit and my Philly -10 came back from the dead like Nikki Sixx in The Dirt. I was celebrating a 2-0 start. The Birds led by 12 and they were pitching a shutout in the second half. The Redskins, though, still had some time to work with, for a final drive with the game out of their hands. These drives are always dangerous. As much as you want these players to care about us, the common man who merely wants to profit off a football game, they don’t. The Eagles defense had done its job, the game was over, and those guys weren’t overly concerned about Case Keenum marching down the field for a garbage time touchdown. That’s exactly what he did. In 16 plays, Keenum and the Skins covered 75 yards, in 3:04 minutes and scored with six seconds left in the game.

Washington covered +10. An all-time bad beat.

At this point, it was a downhill slope. As close as that Bucs/Niners total was to going over, it never had a shot. That was one of the most disgusting football games I’ve ever watched. Penalties galore, touchdowns called back left and right, and most of the scoring came from the respective defenses. I was willing to accept my L in that game, as long as it meant that it would end.

The roulette wheel that has been Week 1 is just about over. We’ve got two more games tonight and I’m grateful that I’ll have a shot to finish above .500 if I nail these last two plays. I like the prospects of a shootout at the Superdome between the Saints and Texans and a win by at least three points for the Broncos in Oakland to make it happen.

Survive and advance, my friends. I’ll see you in Week 2.

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