In the world of sports, press conferences and interviews can be riddled with clichés and generic answers. Every press conference is predictably “one game at a time” this and “at the end of the day” that. Every. Single. Time. It all adds up to forgettable answer after forgettable. But thankfully, Mike Leach is here to turn the mundane into the memorable.

After recently breaking down which Pac-12 mascot would win in a fight, it got us going down the beautiful rabbit hole that is Mike Leach press conference videos. From Mike Leach giving wedding advice to debating whether or not Bigfoot is real, let’s take a look back at the top 5 funniest Mike Leach press conferences and interviews.

Honorable Mention

Mike Leach on the College Football Playoff System

Despite his desire to see the College Football Playoff expand to 64 teams, Mike Leach feels an expansion to at least 16 teams is all too easy to implement.

Check out how Leach hilariously points out that Division I college football is legitimately the ONLY level of football that doesn’t have an expanded playoff system. His dry humor mixed with the hilarious truth of it all makes for one of the funniest Mike Leach press conferences of all-time.

Click ahead to Page 2 to see who Mike Leach thinks would win in a battle between pirates and Vikings.

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