Oakland Raiders

Another team that Ramsey had expressed his desire to join during the offseason, the Raiders have the draft capital to be able to pull off a deal with the asking price being so high. Jacksonville has allegedly been seeking multiple first round picks for Ramsey, who is still not even 25 years old. Thanks to the trades they’ve made since Jon Gruden took over, they’ll have two first rounders to deal in 2020 (thanks, Khalil Mack trade).

Jon Gruden clearly doesn’t have a problem taking on headcases. How those tenures turn out is a different story altogether, but Gruden loves his grinders. Oakland’s had their fair share of defensive injuries already as well in 2019, especially that scary moment with Gareon Conley.

The Raiders have lots of young talent defensively, but don’t have that identity yet. Through 2 games, no team in the NFL has allowed more passing yards per game than the Raiders’ 341. If Gruden’s into nightmares like he says he is, then adding a player with the talent and moxie of someone like Jalen Ramsey sounds like an absolute dream for Oakland.

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