New England Patriots

I mean the whole joke when Antonio Brown got cut was that he would end up on the Patriots. And then he did. Now the jokes are circulating that there’s only one place that Jalen Ramsey will end up: New England. We’re saving our laughter at those jokes until he officially does get traded because with the Pats, you can NEVER rule them out.

The thing with New England is they really don’t need any extra help at corner, already boasting one of the league’s top DBs in Stephon Gilmore on the right side. Jason McCourty’s got 17 career picks on the other side as well, but a 1-2 tandem of Ramsey and Gilmore at corner would just feel unfair at this point.

The Patriots always seem to maximize value so it feels difficult imagining them surrender multiple high first round picks for Ramsey. But you truly never know. No team takes on reclamation projects better than New England, and Ramsey doesn’t need fixing. All he needs is a change of scenery and if he is to end up in Foxboro, just award them the damn Super Bowl already.

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