It’s great to have you, Week 2. Now that we know a few things, like the fact that the Green Bay Packers finally have a defense, the Miami Dolphins are even worse than expected and the Los Angeles Chargers aren’t going to miss Melvin Gordon much, I’m feeling even more confident in our NFL Betting Rundown picks.

First, though, quick Thursday Night Football recap, through the lens of a humble sports betting specialist (lol). First off, Cam Newton might be washed. Every time the dude had to throw to the sideline, or God forbid, sling it deep, it looked like he was exerting every bit of his strength, only to deliver an inaccurate ball. Sure, he looked okay throwing between the hashes, but if Cam was able to effectively throw the ball to the boundaries, the Panthers probably win that ugly, ugly game.

That’s because this Buccaneers offense has been a disappointment under Bruce Arians. Staying on the field has been one of the biggest issues. They converted on third down at a 16.7% clip on Thursday and earned a new set of downs on 30.4% of their attempts through the first two games. Additionally, yards per completion was supposed to be a sizeable emphasis in Arians offense, considering his scheme is predicted on a lofty yards per attempt average at quarterback. The results aren’t there through two weeks, though, as Jameis Winston’s 6.6 yards per completion average is ninth worst among qualifying quarterbacks. It could be that the players are still adjusting to the new scheme. Then again, it could also be that Winston isn’t the fit in this offense that he was expected to be.

We’ll see how that take ages.

Okay, now that you’re up to speed, let’s get into my picks for Sunday’s slate.

I alluded to some of my favorites up top, but in any case, I’m a believer in the Green Bay Packers in their home opener, Phillip Rivers and the resilient Los Angeles Chargers over the Lions in Detroit, and the Miami Dolphins to cover what I think is an exaggeration of a spread.

See you guys on the other side.

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