As this point, you’ve got the starting point for your fantasy roster. The dust has settled on draft weekend and if you’re like me, you’re already trying to swing a few trades that you’d very clearly be the sole beneficiary of.

It feels so good to be back, with the beginning of another season just days away.

I landed Davante Adams, so I won’t have to wait until Sunday to watch my team in action. I won’t lie, sometimes the pull to watch one of my players in a meaningful game has been too strong and I’ve genuinely lost match ups because I fell victim to an age-old trap. I’ve benched players in favor of, in hindsight, lesser players, solely because they were playing on Thursday and I lacked any sort of patience. I also viewed it as a gamble that would pay off, despite the fact that it might have worked out once. I’ve gotten better at that and I’m lucky I’ve got an elite option going on the first Thursday of the year, but it certainly used to be a struggle.

You might already be asking yourself why you should continue following the fantasy season of a guy who starts players solely because their games are earlier, which is certainly a fair question. I guess the best answer is, to learn what not to do in situations you might find yourself in and to laugh at my many misfires. Or, in an alternate universe, to see how I turned it all around and finally reached the pinnacle of fictitious football.

In any case, you might find this series has some sort of entertainment value.  

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