There is nothing quite like winning some cold, hard cash in the world of sports betting; however, the pain and suffering that is endured throughout any event that you’ve wagered on can certainly shave years off your life. In fact, the heartbreak experienced on a bad beat could be enough to do you in altogether. This week, the Philadelphia Eagles and Clemson Tigers were among football teams to reach inside bettors and rip their hearts out once the final whistle was blown in their respective games. Take a stroll through memory lane with me, as we revisit the week that was in football and take a look at some of the worst bad beats in the sport.

Eagles Fail to Cover vs. Washington (-10)

This one hits close to home, as our own Colton Dodgson picked the Eagles to cover a massive 10-point spread against their division rivals. I mean, who could blame him? The Redskins were starting NFL journeyman Case Keenum, while the Eagles were ready to embark on another trip to the playoffs. With that being said, the 10-point spread was the largest on the week 1 schedule.

It wasn’t looking good early, as Washington was able to build a 17-0 lead in the first half, shocking everyone in the stadium. Then, the DeSean Jackson show took center stage, as he caught his first of two 50-plus-yard touchdown passes to put the Eagles on the scoreboard in the second quarter. Philly started to put some drives together and found themselves taking a 21-20 lead in the third, but it certainly wasn’t enough to ease the minds of bettors who threw down on Carson Wentz and the boys.

Next thing you know, Alshon Jeffrey finds the end zone early in the fourth, and Darren Sproles runs in a two-point conversion, putting the Eagles up nine with an entire quarter left to play. The bet had life once again!

A Jake Elliott field goal with just over three minutes remaining pushed Philly past the 10-point spread, as they took a 12-point lead late. Just as Eagles bettors were ready to breathe a sigh of relief, Keenum hit Trey Quinn for a 4-yard garbage time touchdown with six seconds remaining to end the game 32-27. Six seconds left! And who the hell is Trey Quinn anyways?

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