I’m not going into too much depth about yesterday. All I’ll say is it wasn’t the best day. Shout out to the Houston Astros for that one. Let’s hope the Diamondbacks can help us get back on track.

I did learn a few things, though. For starters, the Astros have a disgustingly loaded lineup and betting the under in any of their games moving forward probably isn’t the best look. Someone should check on Mike Fiers, they did my dude way too dirty. I’ve also accepted the fact that betting the over in a Jacob deGrom start is, more often than not, going to come down to whether or not the Mets bullpen implodes. He took most of the game last night and the total didn’t even sniff eight runs. If you happen to catch him on a day where he only posts a quality start, count that as dumb luck, take your improbable over win and run.

Finally, I learned that the San Diego Padres are really bad, and Cal Quantrill is going to get tagged for the remainder of this fleeting season. Until he goes out and three-hits the Rockies at Coors in his next start.

Baseball, man,

Sure, I might’ve gotten annihilated yesterday, I’ll own that. There are two traits I’ve developed in my time picking baseball, though, that have almost gotten me through my first season profitable. I rarely make the same mistake twice and I have a knack for bouncing back. If you want to write these picks off after that bloodbath, who could blame you. I do have a feeling, though, you’re going to be pretty pissed after you miss out on this looming comeback.

I’ve got a really good feeling about the Diamondbacks against Zack Wheeler in New York tonight, a low-scoring contest in Arlington with Lance Lynn throwing to the Rays, and the White Sox taking care of business at home against the lowly Royals.

The good news is, nothing can be as bad as yesterday.

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