Woah, we’re already in the second week of the 2019 season. I feel like just yesterday I was praying for a Bears offense that mustered just three points to score an actual touchdown, force overtime, and keep my Chicago -3 play alive. Here’s hoping the Carolina Panthers can find the endzone this week.  

I truly hope that game was an anomaly, because it was one of the most infuriating games I’ve ever had the misfortunate of sitting through and it set a horrible precedent for what was a pretty crushing weekend. I did have the under though, which kind of cushioned the blow. Not that I profited or anything, because, of course, my greedy ass parlayed the two like a jabroni.

Oh well, onward and upward.

We’ve now got something to work with. Obviously, one week of action is a limited sample size, but it’s better than going off of last season’s results and how teams looked in the preseason. In our case, I think we’ve got enough to go off of with both of these teams to make a little paper.

The Buccaneers and Panthers were both relatively disappointing in Week 1. The Bucs were pretty much an all-encompassing letdown, while Cam Newton and the Carolina passing attack served as the only real disillusionment in their Week 1 tilt with the Rams. Christian McCaffery, though, is full-blown stud who could very well be viewed as the best back in the NFL by the year’s end.

Based on those observations, A low-scoring contest doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility on TNF, and neither does a lopsided Panthers win.

Stick around and I’ll let you know why.

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