If you look at last night’s game between the Bears and the Packers as an outlier, you might conclude that some positive excitement regression is due on Sunday. Quick side note, I think the Buffalo Bills, of all teams, are going to help us out.

In other words, it can’t get much worse than that Thursday night opener. I mean, I felt good about the under 46.5 play going in, but hitting by 33.5 points? That’s unheard of. At one point, I’m pretty sure the live total dropped as low as 13.5, which, still would’ve cashed.

The game came down to the wire, in the least exciting way possible. Everyone knew how that one was going to end, even when the Bears set up shop deep in Packers territory with a chance to tie it up late. Mitchell Trubisky made one – and possibly the least surprising – of his many ill-advised throws, into double coverage and straight into the hands of former teammate Adrian Amos, to gift the Packers a season-opening win and Bears -3 bettors a most-frustrating defeat.

At that point, I was hoping they’d just call the game and give both teams the loss. I think that would’ve felt a little better for me, one of the many poor souls who took Chicago against the spread. Both teams looked absolutely awful. Like yeah, losing sucks, but it sucks marginally worse when all your friends that took the Packers’ moneyline hit you up, flexin’ and what not. That Packers moneyline had no business cashing, neither did Bears -3. The only bettors that should feel like they earned their money last night are under bettors. Yeah, a win is a win, and the money that you won on that miracle play is still worth the same, so I guess credit where credit is due.

Still, that game was a coinflip that could’ve looked extremely different if Rodgers only touchdown, one that came on an absolute prayer, would’ve actually been defended by the Bears secondary. I’m well-aware of the fact that I sound bitter right now, but I need to get all of this out. It’s just part of my process, okay? Now, let me vent for a second, so I can get back to picking some more winners, dammit.

Okay, I’m good, that horrendous game is officially in the past.

I’m rolling with the Buffalo Bills as road underdogs, the Eagles as huge favorites in their home opener and a shootout in Tampa Bay between the 49ers and the Buccaneers.

Let’s get a few dubs, my dudes.

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