**Odds via FanDuel Sportsbook, accurate as of 3:30 ET, 8/23/19**

Minnesota Vikings to COVER -5.5 vs. Arizona Cardinals (-115)

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FanDuel as of 8.23.19

Everything I’ll say about this bet is going to be the exact opposite of what I said about the Seahawks bet up top. Mike Zimmer is riding high right now. He’s essentially taken the throne from Pete Carroll and he’s built a preseason Thunderdome out in Minneapolis. No one wants to go play an exhibition in that stadium, but unfortunately for Kliff Kingsbury, he’s got next. Zimmer now owns a 16-7 record against the spread in his time as the head coach in Minnesota.

Kingsbury, on the other hand, is coaching for the first time on the road. He’s 1-1 ATS in his first two games but with the diluted offensive game plan he’s deployed in both, there’s no reason to assume this unit is going to be able to keep pace with the well-oiled preseason machine that is the Minnesota Vikings.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, Zimmer’s Vikings cover the spread 69% of the time. For whatever that might be worth to you.

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