The hardest part about betting on the NFL preseason is trying to throw action on something that’s entirely unknown. If this is the regular season, we’re mashing Patriots +2.5 against the Lions and Chargers +3 against the Cardinals. That’s honestly just free money a month from now.

You’ll never see those lines, though, and the only reason you are now, is because no one really knows what the on-field product is going to look like for anyone in August. That’s why there’s such a stigma – one we should end, by the way – for betting on the NFL preseason. The trick, though, is trying to find the slightest edge wherever you can. One way to do that is analyzing the preseason history of each team and the preceding tenancies of their respective coaches. For example, Dan Quinn of the Atlanta Falcons seemingly doesn’t care even slightly about the NFL preseason, which is why his team is now 0-9 straight-up and 0-9 against the spread in their last nine preseason games. Frank Reich, on the other hand, coached the Indianapolis Colts to a perfect 4-0 against the spread in his first year at the helm.

Could this all be coincidence? Absolutely. With something as volatile as preseason football, though, I’m going to roll with a trend until it burns me. Below, I’ve detailed each team’s 2018 preseason record against the spread and how often their totals went over or under.

They could be useless, or they could help you win some money. In any case, I feel like utilizing them is at least worth a try.

Page 2: NFC North and NFC East

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