It is Fantasy Football Mock Draft Monday once again folks, and we are all set to dive into our 12-Team standard league picks for 2019.

Last week, we drafted at various positions within a 12-Team PPR fantasy football mock draft and got some interesting results. If you want to check those out, as you get prepared for your own season-long fantasy football draft, click here.

In a standard fantasy football league, things are evaluated a lot differently. Obviously, wide receivers and purely pass-catching running backs become less valuable with standard scoring. You won’t see many people reaching for guys like Jarvis Landry or James White here; however, don’t let that fool you into avoiding the top-tier wideouts that can find the end zone on any play.

Today, three of our writers locked into the fourth, seventh and tenth spots in a 12-Team standard fantasy football mock draft. Let’s check out the results and diagnose some of our favorite picks, including high-value reaches and potential trade bait players.

Page 2: Michael West’s Picks

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