Few things will test you quite like an NFL fantasy season. There are fantasy dreams and nightmares that keep us up at night every season.

The game is as infuriating as it is addicting, to the point that I genuinely contemplate quitting altogether at least twice a season. For some reason, though, even after I’m inevitably eliminated from playoff contention or bounced in the first round of the tournament, I still count the days until the next season.

Year, after year.

What is it about fantasy football that has made the game such a phenomenon? Some people will tell you it’s the competition, or the manner in which a league can bring people together. Others will tell you it’s the customization and the ability to manage your own team however you see fit. There’s also the contingency of people, of course, who play for high stakes and the financial implications, but that’s the beauty of it – fantasy football is a moldable experience that can be as immersive, intense or enjoyable as you make it.

I think I continue to come back because I’ve been conditioned to believe that each season could be my year. It comes with the territory as a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Like the birds, though, one of these days I’ll shock the world. I believe that I can make it back to the postseason. Maybe, I’ll even win that elusive playoff game before being blown out in the semifinal and I’ll put an end to the one-and-done talk.

The magic of the game is just that – a run to a title and fantasy football immortality is in the cards each year. When you’re a champion, no one can take that from you. The rest of your league can only look on in envy as your year-long victory tour spans the duration of the offseason.

Now obviously, that’s the best-case scenario.

The more realistic outcome is the end of your season ends up being chronicled in an edition of Betology’s Fantasy Dreams and Nightmares. As one of the nightmares, of course. Now, what would have to happen to your season for you to land in one of these articles? I’ve got an example.

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