Alright guys, we’re back to normal. Welcome back to the three-pick format of the MLB Betting Rundown. The all-encompassing slate of picks that we deployed over the last two days hit us a little harder than we would’ve liked, shout out to the Marlins and the Padres for ruining our days, but it’s all good. We’re 26-10 since July 19 when we stick to a trio of plays, so I like our chances today.

I’m going to keep this intro short and sweet, because I know you’re really only here for the picks, but I do want to note that our over/under picks are 11-4 in August so far, and we’ve got two of those on the docket for you today. Additionally, our Pick of the Day is 5-1 since we implemented it on July 30, so pay close attention to those.

Last thing, then I’m definitely going to get into the picks. We like the totals in both the Diamondbacks and Mets games, as well as an underdog pick that I’m not going to disclose up here, but it might look familiar.

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