Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again. The season of true underdog stories.

ESPN ‘The Ocho’ is officially back for the third straight year; however, it will be taking place on Wednesday, August 7th, as opposed to the traditional 8/8 date of the past. The date change is just a snippet of what you’ll need to know for this year’s exotic sport festivities. Follow along, as we highlight some of the new events that have made the cut this year, break down the entire day’s schedule and get you ready for a full day of unorthodox athleticism.

This is all you need to know for ESPN ‘The Ocho’ Day.

New Sporting Events

IDEAL Electricians National Championship

The 2018 IDEAL National Championship took place in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. It is described as a “highly-charged, no holds barred” event to crown the best electrician in North America. Since he’s been a Charger for quite some time now, maybe this is how Melvin Gordon can use his free time amidst his holdout. After all, he is a pretty electric athlete. Not to mention, they will be rewarding nearly $600,000 in prizes throughout the competition.

The Highland Games

You’ve heard the saying before… “there can only be one Highlander.” Well, that statement could not be truer in reference to the Highland Games, hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event is inspired by the Scottish games of yore, which include the throwing of heavy objects among other things. The various events within the competition include Open Stone, Braemar Stone, Heavy Hammer, Light Hammer, Heavy Weight for Distance, Light Weight for Distance, Caber, Weight Over Bar and Sheaf.

Acrobatic Pizza Trials

Pizza may not be a traditional American food, but boy, do we take pride in our ability to make and eat those delicious pies. The Acrobatic Pizza Trials took place in Columbus, Ohio, earlier this year and featured events such as freestyle acrobatics, largest dough stretch, fastest pie maker and fastest box folder. I’m sure this guy was there:

(Insert Dominos pizza box ad)

All jokes aside, this thing is a big deal, considering the grand prize for the freestyle acrobatics competition was a trip to Parma, Italy, and a chance to compete against the best in the world in the World Pizza Championships.

Cherry Pit Spitting

The name of this prestigious competition is pretty self-explanatory… spit your cherry pit the furthest and win the grand prize. The annual Cherry Pit-Spitting Competition is hosted in Eau Claire, Michigan every year, as contestants from all across the country take part in the fun and fruity event.

Stupid Robot Fighting League

It’s only fitting that this sporting event makes the list, considering the creator’s name is John Espin. I mean, the guy probably has ESPN on his license plate for crying out loud. Nevertheless, the Stupid Robot Fighting League is one of the most unique (or weirdest) events I’ve ever seen. It features two life-sized hanging puppets pitted against one another in a make-shift ring. Each puppet – also known as a Stupid Robot – is controlled by an operator than sits behind the object and battles the opponent.

Sign Spinning

The World Sign Spinning Championship is an annual event hosted in Las Vegas, where contestants from around the world come and perform sign-spinning routines that are judged on style, execution and technical ability. So, if you are driving past someone that is spinning a sign this evening, remember that person could be a world-class athlete. Show them the respect they deserve!

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