Last night was the ESPYs, which means some of the fittest individuals on the planet had an excuse to ditch the uniforms and throw on something dapper for a change. Well, actually that’s not true. Athletes are always pushing the boundaries of fashion, and teams are no different. From baggy suits to suit shorts and everywhere in between, join us as we travel back in time and take a look at some of the best and worst wardrobes in sports.


Often times, it’s the individual athletes that stand out when it comes to sports fashion; however, there have been plenty of sports franchises that have made the courageous attempt to push the boundaries on the field. Some have worked. Others didn’t. Here is a look at some of the most memorable athletic ensembles in sports.

1976 Chicago White Sox

In 1976, the White Sox decided to shake things up a bit and sport some shorts and a collared shirt for three games during the regular season. As you can see, they weren’t very flattering and definitely were not ideal for baseball.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Creamsicle Jerseys

Voted as one of the worst pro sports uniforms of all-time, the bright orange jerseys that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sported in the 1970s were absolutely atrocious. With that being said, they would probably fair pretty well now-a-days. Millennials love color! Just look at all those Instagram posts at raves, rocking the entire rainbow from head to toe. Plus, let’s be honest, Bruce Arians could rock that orange with ease.

Denver Nuggets Rainbow Jerseys

Speaking of bright colors, the Denver Nuggets actually wore rainbows on their uniforms for more than a decade. Just watching Dikembe Mutumbo wag his finger at a player that he just blocked into the floor was a sight to behold back in the day; however, it carried a little less weight when he was this jersey.

1999 Pittsburgh Pirates

I’ve always admired the Pirates logo. After all, there are so many random teams in sports that have pointless and irrelevant nicknames and logos. Sure, Pittsburgh isn’t a shoreline city in the sense that pirates frequented the area, but it is a badass and intimidating element to attach to a professional sports franchise. With that being said, simply blowing up the logo and splashing in onto a jersey in 1999 was not a good look for them.

2009 Montreal Canadiens

In 2009, the Montreal Canadiens wore a throwback jersey that had them looking like the Polish Sausage at Miller Park.

In all honesty, I don’t know why people ever thought it was a good idea to go with the horizontal-striped look in sports. It just doesn’t work.

2012 Pittsburgh Steelers

Oh, hey there Steelers fans. Remember when I said that horizontal stripes don’t work? Instead, the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to bring back what has since been dubbed the bumblebee uniforms in 2012.

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Ugh. Someone needs to fire Scott Van Pelt’s tailor.

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