The 2018-19 athletic year was one to marvel at. The Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots both brought championships back to Boston while the St. Louis Blues and Toronto Raptors both won their first-ever league titles. Brooks Koepka, Megan Rapinoe, and Kawhi Leonard put forth some of the most remarkable individual runs in the histories of their sports. But we know who’s going to win all those on-field awards at the 2019 ESPYs… what about awards for all the things that happened OFF the field? With a variety of categories including College Basketball Name of the Year, Sports Meme of the Year and Postgame Interview of the Year, we’re ready to hand out the best 2019 sports awards to date. Without further ado, Betsology proudly presents the most prestigious sports awards show on the planet… The Betsies!

Sports Meme of the Year

Kawhi Leonard’s Laugh

Gritty Breaks the Internet

Alex Morgan’s Tea Celebration

Phil Mickelson’s Dance Moves

Dennis Rodman’s Got the Horses in the Back

And the Betsy goes to…


Even though Gritty was an overnight sensation, Phil Mickelson’s dance moves shut down Twitter and Dennis Rodman did his best to hop on the Old Town Road train, there was no question who wins meme of the year. Alex Morgan’s absolutely BRILLIANT tea celebration after heading home the opening goal against England in the Women’s World Cup semis will forever live as one of the greatest goal celebrations in World Cup history, 2018-19 was the season of Kawhi.

Kawhi Leonard’s introductory press conference after being traded to the Raptors wasn’t supposed to be anything special. But then, it was the best press conference ever held. And to their credit, New Balance has made an entire marketing and merchandising play off of it.

Newly minted as everyone’s favorite “fun guy”, Kawhi’s laugh spawned tons of remakes and parodies that crossed over into mainstream meme culture. You don’t even have to be a basketball fan to know who that is and know that it’s outrageously funny. Go figure that the guy who never talked would be the most quotable athlete in 2019. It was named one of the Sports Tweets of the Year and in our inaugural Betsies, Kawhi wins in a landslide here for Sports Meme of the Year.

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