Tonight, in Los Angeles, the 27th ESPY Awards will be held at the Microsoft Theatre. Tracy Morgan is set to take on the hosting duties, which will surely lead to a few laughs before we’re all emotionally wrecked by the proceeding awards.

While we already know who’s set to receive the two iconic ESPY awards – Rob Mendez is the 2019 Jimmy V Award winner and Bill Russell will receive the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage – you can’t really be prepared for the speeches or the special moments that are born because of these awards.

The ESPYs are unique, because they’ll truly make you laugh and then cry at a moment’s notice. In honor of tonight’s show, we found our 10 best ESPYs moments from the history of the awards.

Jamie Foxx – Coach Do Dirty

From this point on, comedic relief became a part of the gig for the ESPY’s host. Jamie Foxx’s Coach Do Dirty character was a satirical take on the culture of coaching in sports and served as one of the first times the host of the proceedings threw a few jabs at those in attendance.

It’s also worth noting that Foxx probably couldn’t get away with this bit if he hosted today.

Peyton Manning – Kevin Durant

Who knew? Peyton Manning is actually a pretty funny dude. He killed his opening monologue in 2017, whether he wrote the jokes or not. That summer, the Golden State Warriors had just won their first title with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, now the Thunder’s lone superstar, had just won MVP. When discussing the dominant run by the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team at the Summer Olympics, Manning joked about Durant’s desire to join their already dominant team, comparing that to his decision to sign with the Warriors.

Getting Westbrook involved had to have thrown some fuel on the fire between those two.

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