Last night’s derby was an all-timer.

Not only did the eight contestants hit a combined 312 home runs, which was 91 more home runs last season. Actually, if you were to have subtracted Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s home runs from the competition, the number of home runs still would’ve matched last year’s total. Between him and Joc Pederson, 79 home runs were hit in the semifinal alone.

Also, we nailed the Ronald Acuna Jr. upset win over Josh Bell and our final match-up pick in yesterday’s derby rundown, so if you rolled with those two plays, congrats. We also had Vlad Jr. and the American League winning, so we were dangerously close to a clean sweep. Either way, Pete Alonso rebounded from a lowly – at least by this derby’s standards – 14 home runs in the first round to edge Vlady 23-22 in the final. It’s worth noting that Alonso only hit 57 home runs to Vlady’s 91, but in any case, a win is a win.

We’ve got the All-Star game on deck for today, which means we’ve got some more plays for you. There’s still plenty to bet on today, it’s just going to be much harder to project. That just means we’re probably going to go with some long shots then act like we knew it all along if they hit.

Here are some of the moves we’re going to think long and hard about making.

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