Over the years, we’ve been spoiled with tons of iconic sports movies. Bull Durham. Hoosiers. Rocky. The 2000s have been no different. Remember the Titans. Miracle. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. With these timeless films, we’ve also been given some of the best sports movie coaches the silver screen has ever seen. From Rocky Balboa and Jackie Moon to Herman Boone and Patches O’Houlihan, which coaches crack our best-of list? Let’s dive into our definitive ranking of the 5 best sports movie coaches of the 2000s.

Honorable Mentions

Jack Lengyel

Actor: Matthew McConaughey

Movie: We Are Marshall
Year: 2006
Sport: Football
Team: Marshall University Thundering Herd
Memorable Line: “This is your opportunity to rise from these ashes and grab glory.”

Jimmy McGinty

Actor: Gene Hackman
Movie: The Replacements
Year: 2000
Sport: Football
Team: Washington Sentinels
Memorable Line: “You know what separates the winners from the losers? Getting back on the horse after getting kicked in the teeth.”

Rocky Balboa

Actor: Sylvester Stallone
Movie: Creed
Year: 2015
Sport: Boxing
Athlete: Adonis Johnson
Memorable Line: “You see this guy here staring back at you? That’s your toughest opponent… I believe that in boxing and I do believe that in life.”

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