It’s been a rough couple of months for football fans as the offseason always seems to drag on for ages. But thankfully for NFL fans who had April 17th scheduled on their calendars, the doldrums of the offseason were busted up in a major way. With April 17th being the day of the NFL schedule release, teams took to social media in the most creative ways to announce their opponents, game dates, and locations ahead of the 2019 season. From Game of Thrones-inspired motion graphics to nostalgic video game themes, the buzz was off the charts on Twitter as schedule releases captivated the attention of social media. From stock video montages to ASMR to deadpan deliveries from star QBs, let’s take a look at the top 5 NFL schedule release videos.

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Jacksonville Jaguars

Buffalo Bills

Seattle Seahawks

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Detroit Lions

Top 5 NFL Schedule Release Videos

#5 – Indianapolis Colts

First of all, Andrew Luck has been CRUSHING IT when he’s been put in front of a camera lately. That BodyArmor commercial where he’s in a heated disco dance-off with Mike Trout? Hysterical! But now you’re telling me the Colts are plopping him down and reading off interesting facts for three minutes about the cities the Colts’ opponents play in? You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. His voice is memorable enough as it is, but the final 30 seconds is the absolute best part. Brilliant work by whoever wrote “make sure Andrew cleans up after himself” into the script because the comedy in that bit is next-level. With more than 5,000 likes and nearly 400,000 video views in the first 24 hours, it’s safe to say the Colts already started the year off with a big win.

#4 – Cleveland Browns

This is just some good old-fashioned humor from the Browns right here. No dialogue, no special effects, no fancy animations, just loud printer noises and a convincing comedic turn from GM John Dorsey that guarantees you’ll at the very least blow a little air out of your nostrils. It didn’t even take 24 hours for Cleveland to amass more than 550,000 video views on Twitter, and eclipsed 12,000 likes immediately. The Browns go to show that sometimes in the world of high-budget productions, sometimes a simple idea with the right execution can deliver just as good if not better a result.

#3 – Carolina Panthers

Did the Carolina Panthers just become the official football team of millennials? Besides avocado toast and renting, what is the only thing millennials love more than nostalgia and video games? VIDEO GAME NOSTALGIA. Did you catch all the games they threw in there? Cruis’n USA. Madden. NBA Jam. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Mortal Kombat II. Super Mario Kart. Sonic the Hedgehog. Pac-Man. FIFA. Golden Eye. THE FREAKING OREGON TRAIL. So many classics! Masterful work by the Panthers’ digital media team for this one as their video immediately made waves with their impeccable integration of Panthers and opponents into so many timeless video games. Carolina’s video surpassed 1.5 million views within 24 hours and was easily one of the most buzzed-about videos released on April 17th. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a Nintendo64 to dust off.

#2 – Atlanta Falcons

While a Game of Thrones-themed video was far from original (the Texans and Redskins did GOT-inspired videos of their own), nobody did it better than the Falcons. The Game of Thrones title credit animation has long been known as one of the greatest opening sequences in the history of TV, so to properly pull this off, you’d need more than impressive animation. And boy did the Falcons have PLENTY of that. The Falcons had plenty of fun at the expense of their heated division rival in the New Orleans Saints, most notably at the 40-second mark. Did you catch the ram running over a member of the Saints’ marching band only to have a ref come in and signal incomplete? Add that to them being listed as the Aints and you have yourself one masterful troll job authored up the Atlanta Falcons. No schedule release video has been retweeted (12,000 RTs and growing) or watched (2.4 million views) more in the first 24 hours than the Falcons. But while they lock in their status as having the most buzzworthy 2019 NFL schedule release video, they can’t quite lay claim to having the BEST schedule release video among the 32 teams.

#1 – Los Angeles Chargers

The difference between funny and hilarious can be rather small. When they’re not looking to take their wife to P.F. Chang’s, the Chargers already have the funniest Twitter account in the NFL and their Schedule Release Day shenanigans absolutely cements that status. If you really think about it, is there anything more unintentionally comedic than stock photos? If you answered, “well yeah, stock videos are WAY more unintentionally comedic than stock photos” then you my friend are absolutely CORRECT. Personal favorites of mine include the kid feeding a mini-horse, a dog dressed as a lion, the kid getting rocked on a makeshift bull, the lady feeding a dolphin, the cowboy tipping his hat – hey wait a minute. I’m just naming legitimately every video, aren’t I? The hilarious zoom-ins that would make even Cable Thanos smile helped make the Chargers’ video the most-liked schedule release of any NFL team at 50,000 likes and the second-most watched video with more than 1.2 million views in less than a day. And don’t even get us started on how laugh-out-loud funny their “opponents as Pop Tarts” thread was. All told, nobody won Schedule Release Day quite like the Bolts. Kudos to whoever brainstormed this video idea in a Chargers production meeting… a stock video tip of our cowboy hat to you.