Moments after Tiger Woods secured his unforgettable victory at The Masters, sportsbooks scrambled for more odds regarding the PGA legend. A simple check of the odds today shows a variety of prop bets for the 2019 major season. Was this Tiger’s last major win of the season, or is he about to embark on a historic run?

Two Or More Major Wins In 2019 (+150)

Judging by the way Tiger played at Augusta National, another major victory for the 43-year-old is certainly not out of the question. Woods was as steady as ever over the weekend, firing rounds of 70, 68, 67 and 70 to take home the green jacket. So, the biggest question for bettors who take this odd is whether or not Woods can keep it going. The next major will tee off on in June. And that’s right, The U.S. Open will be held at Pebble Beach, a place near and dear to Tiger’s heart. Of course, golf fans remember the 2000 version of this major. It was at that time when Tiger set an all-time PGA record by winning the tournament by 15 strokes. Although it occurred 19 years ago, this still remains the most dominating win in the history of the sport at a major. Can Tiger-mania hit an all-time high if Woods wins another major at Pebble Beach?

Three Or More Major Wins In 2019 (+1000)

Winning one major at age 43 goes against a lot of odds. In fact, Woods became one of the oldest winners ever at a major yesterday. Julius Boros’ win at age 48 remains the record across the PGA. Only eight golfers have ever won a major after age 44. So, Tiger winning not one, not two, but three majors this year has to be a long-shot, even for the legend in red. Winning three in one season is something Woods has accomplished only once. It happened back in 2000, when Tiger was only 24 years old. The wins were majors three, four and five of his career. He’s come close to winning three again, but couldn’t quite pull it off. Woods won two majors in the years 2002, 2005 and 2006.

Wins Grand Slam Of Majors In 2019 (+5000)

Tiger Woods has long held a career grand slam, and even coined the phrase, the non-calendar year grand slam. For those wondering, yes, it is also known as the Tiger slam. But, Woods has never won a grand slam in the same season. Bobby Jones is only golfer to win a grand slam of majors in the same season. Needless to say, the odds are against Woods in this one. Following his Masters victory, Woods would have to take the PGA at Bethpage Black, The U.S. Open at Pebble Beach and The Open Championship in Northern Ireland. Of course, Woods came extremely close to accomplishing the grand slam back in 2000, winning three majors and finishing fifth at Augusta. Again in 2005, Woods nearly did it. He won two majors, while finishing fourth and second in the other two. If Woods were to somehow win a grand slam, he would end the season tied with Jack Nicklaus for the most major victories in PGA history.